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The Doesburgs | Orange County maternity Photos | Ladera Ranch maternity Photographer | crystal cove

This Mama-to-be is a special one to my family, and shooting her Maternity Photos was such an honor. I met Erica through my sister, they were best friends and the moment I met her I understood why. She is kind, caring, beyond selfless, so funny and beautiful, and just the girliest girls girl. I loved every moment of being around her! At the time I had one child, he was around 10 months or so, and I was desperate for a babysitter (as all of us mamas are!!), Erica volunteered almost immediately, and was our part time nanny until my son started pre-school almost 2 years later. Oh my little AJ loooooved him some Eh-Ka (because the "R" sound didn't enter his vocabulary until much later) and those two were thick as thieves. I could tell almost instantly she was meant to be a mother, caring for our little guy came so naturally.

Time went on, AJ grew up, and Erica did too, it was time for her to move on to bigger and better things. She started her career, met her adorable hubby (who OMG is going to be Dad of the year time a billion!) and began her uber successful instagram. I'm not surprised at the success this incredibly driven woman has had, but I couldn't help but reflect on our time together, sharing in the childhood of my sweet first born, as I snapped these photos of her ready to embark on her own journey through motherhood.

I cannot wait to meet the sweet baby boy in that beautiful little belly of hers, and watch the two of them grow together in the way AJ and I continue to do. Congratulations Mama!! You're going to be the most incredible mother, and if you ever need a babysitter I happen to know a thing or two about baby boys. ;)



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